Time to hack: Make your own smartwatch with SuperDuino


No, it’s not going to replace the name-brand smartwatches out there, but for about $76, the SuperDuino provides the basics to build your own smart wearable device. The SuperDuino Kickstarter project includes a mini Arduino board, LCD screen and radio components in a package that’s small enough to wear.

You don’t have to wear it, though. SuperDuino can be used for any number of other applications, as shown in the project’s video, ranging from a small game player to an oscilloscope or temperature controller.

Clearly, the SuperDuino is aimed at hobbyists, tinkerers and students as the $76 backing level is called the Tutorial Duino package and includes the board, screen, accelerometer, coin cell battery holder and both Wi-Fi and microSD modules. Basically, everything to run through all of the 13 tutorials — including a Flappy Birds game — is included.

superduino components

There is a Bluetooth module in the works for SuperDuino, but I…

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