How Airplay makes Apple TV a great gift idea for Mac and iOS fans


Since its reintroduction as a smaller set-top box running a modified version of iOS 4.1 on an Apple A4 chip in September of 2010, the Apple TV has been more of an accessory to Apple users than a primary device. Sure, it includes apps and could stream audio and video content from a handful of online content providers, but it always seemed to be tied too closely to iTunes to be taken seriously as a standalone set-top box.

This shortcoming however has not diminished the primary value of the Apple TV for those of us that own and use Apple products ever day.  And that is AirPlay. AirPlay, and AirPlay Mirroring to be more precise, continues to make the Apple TV a must have accessory for any user of Apple products, iOS and OS X alike.

Here’s why:

AirPlay Mirroring for all your Apple devices

With the 2nd generation Apple…

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