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Rumour: NX Won’t Be Android-Based But Will Emulate Android Games

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You may have read the rumour that’s been circulating the web suggesting that Nintendo is partnering up with Disney and also Amazon. Well, the very same source claims that Nintendo’s next generation video game platform, the NX, won’t be Android-based, but it will allow for the emulation of Android games. This is just a rumour at present, and as I’m sure you are well aware, we won’t be hearing any concrete details about the NX until next year.

  • Nintendo will not create an Android system, but instead will emulate Android games. It’s not something that’s confirmed, but just an interpretation of the conversations. (Think how Blackberry is doing it)
  • When Nintendo announced their mobile games, Amazon was very interested in having the games also be on the Amazon App store.
  • Nintendo games will be on the Amazon store on day one, or shortly after Play Store and App Store.

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