WEKEAST 2013 Coverage…Part 4: Show Time!…

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I don’t know how many people actually knew about this but I originally was sent out to New Jersey for WEKEAST to judge both the Honda and Acura Classes. I mean, I do a shit ton of coverage too which Wekfest appreciates greatly but my “job” was to be a judge for the show. Being that I work in the industry and have my eyes on builds all over the World, I guess I was the perfect choice, especially since my specialty is Honda/Acura. They had me judge the Honda Class at Wekfest Texas last year as well and I’m pretty sure that I will be returning to Texas this year to once again do the same…

I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing it at first because it didn’t seem like I would have enough time to do coverage as well as judging but after my experience in…

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