To most outsiders it looks like Jennifer Lopez has everything; she became a judge on the hit show American Idol in 2010, People Magazine named her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2011, she’s had countless chart-topping songs and videos—and there’s that enviable derriere.

Her newest video “Booty,” showcases the 45-year-old star shaking that barely-clad behind next to 20-year-old Iggy Azalea, and looking just as good if not better. Yet, despite all the accolades, in her new book, True Love, out today, Lopez talks about suffering from low self-esteem.

To which most of us mortals reply: Huh?! Why?!

In an interview with Maria Shriver on the Today Show, Lopez describes how her confidence dipped the more famous she became: “It was so funny, ‘cause when you first come on the scene, you feel so indestructible, you’re like, ‘Oh I can do this, I can’t wait to see what everybody…

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