A stream of Google cloud executives took the stage in San Francisco on Tuesday to announce a slew of new cloud computing features, including around advanced network and resource-management capabilities. Speaking on a panel at the AppDynamics user conference in Las Vegas, Allan Naim, global product lead for the Google Cloud Platform, told the audience about how the company has been laying the groundwork for these new capabilities for years.

He explained how application containers can be a huge source of operational efficiency if you know how to manage them. Everything at [company]Google[/company] runs on containers and the company spins up 2 billion of them per week, he said. In the name of squeezing every ounce of capacity out of each server, a single box might contain hundreds of containers split among multiple workloads (Gmail and MapReduce jobs, for example) and it’s management software like Google’s Omega that helps ensure they’re all getting the…

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